Wedding flowers are so expensive! I gave a budget of $1,500 to a florist and asked her what we could have done for that price. We went through a list of flowers I liked but I reiterated over and over that my primary focus was to stay within budget. I told her she just had to let me know what we needed to sacrifice, and we’d choose which flowers to cut out. I contemplated using flowers on every other table. In this specific category, I was the opposite of a Bridezilla.

She returned with a proposal for $3,200 to do bouquets, church arrangements and centerpieces.  WOW. That simply would not be possible for me.

My venue had a florist that worked with me on centerpieces. We picked low, round vases and used hydrangeas, babies breath, and a touch of blush rose. The vases had a low and a high pillar candle on either side. Each center piece was $85.00.  We were happy with that pricing.

I found that a bridal bouquet was about $200. Bouquets for my bridesmaids averaged $65.00 each.

My mom and her best friend generously offered to help me with DIY bouquets and church arrangements.

I found FLOWER MOXIE online. She ships bulk flowers with instructions on how to create your own arrangements. I was nervous but I trusted her instructions and my mom’s enthusiasm.

I loved her Pastoral White arrangements. They are simple and beautiful. and inexpensive! A plain white hydrangea bouquet for a bridesmaid is only $9.00! A white hydrangea bridal bouquet is $90.00.

Her package for 4 “Organic White Centerpieces” is only $120.00. We decided to use the centerpieces for the church arrangements.   To give them the look I was going for, we added pink spray roses, pink stock and babies breath (which she sells as additions to her arrangements.) My total order was $337.00.

Using Flower Moxie saved me a ton of money! But it was a very involved process, so be prepared.  She sends you a very user-friendly guide and she is quick to answer email questions. My mom and her best friend spent an entire day putting  the arrangements together (and drinking wine.)

Check out this great flower source! Flower Moxie (I do not get a referral commission, I simply believe in her product.)

I loved my BRIDE tee! When better to wear it than your wedding week? BRIDE TEE on Amazon is $12.95.

I kept my dad close to me by putting his photograph in a charm attached to my bridal bouquet. Bridal Bouquet Charm


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