Non-Traditional Transportation Idea

We left transportation as the last item on our to-do list. To me, there is zero charm in arriving to a church in a pimped out Escalade. It reminds me of prom with all the cheesy lighting (strobe lights, neon lights, purple flooring…no, no,no.).   And no matter how big the limo is, it is difficult to get in and out of in a long (and in my case poofy) dress.

As I was browsing for options, I became obsessed with vintage cars. How great are they!? They look outstanding in photographs.But, as I said, transportation was our last expense, and we were trying to make a budget friendly choice. I had to accept that a vintage Rolls Royce was not in my budget. Nor would it have space for my wedding party.  (It is on my list of “WEDDING WISHES FOR YOU” where I share the few things I would have loved to include in my special day.)

I accepted the fact that we would likely end up with two traditional white limos: one for the men and one for the ladies. This choice did not excite me, but I felt it was fine. At the very least it was the traditional way to do things.

While we were out on a Saturday, we drove past a wedding party boarding a beautiful green trolley car. PERFECT!  I immediately started researching companies in the area.

Let me warn you, these things book fast. I was able to rent a white trolley (for me, it had to be white!) with capacity to hold 24 people. Getting in and out of the trolley was easy,  you just walk up and down a small set of stairs. Word to the wise: make sure to find out if the trolley has air conditioning or heating depending on your wedding date, many do not.

My husband and I did a first look, so combining our parties into one vehicle prior to the ceremony was no problem. . The company let us pop champagne and connect our iPhones to the speakers. The extra space gave us room for our parents and close family to join in on the fun. Plus, aren’t they have all the charm I was looking for.

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