Pulling Off A S*P*A*R*K*L*I*N*G* Exit

They told me not to bother.  They said the “sparkler exit” never goes as planned.  They warned me that you can’t get that many sparklers lit at the same time.

Everyone said it would not work.


And it worked for two simple reasons.

The first reason was every groomsman had a lighter in his pocket.  Buy ’em in bulk and hand them out to as many guests as you can.

The second reason was the sparklers themselves were 36″ long slow-burn sparklers. You can’t get the little ones you’d play with on fourth of July.

It worked so well that we were able to run through TWICE to get great photos!

I did not put tags on the sparklers. Instead we had our band announce there would be a sparkler send off at midnight.Our venue host handed them to guests as they walked outside.

Get ’em here:

36″ Sparklers

Rustic Sparkler Holder

Sparkler Tags

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