When my husband proposed, he placed my engagement ring in a box of my favorite fudge.
What better wedding favor to give friends and family than a small box of fudge??! It would be both delicious and sentimental, I thought.

Do you know how much fudge costs???? Neither did I. A lot. 

Fudge would not be our perfect wedding favor. 

I scoured the internet looking for a sweet gift to give our guests that would not break the bank.

I did not want to give a small candle that said “LOVE” on it. because that candle sucks. (95 cents each)

I have received a heart shaped wine bottle stopper from numerous weddings, not repeating that one. Too repetitive, also sucks.  (89 cents each)

Personalized wedding coasters, which no one really wants to put out in their house.  ($1.19 each)

Personalized wine glasses, which were a viable option  ($2.15 each).

What would I actually enjoy taking home? I thought.

And then I went out to buy some plants for the house.

Wait a minute.

Can’t I give out little plants? Sure, I can. With help from The Succulent Source on ETSY.  I bought 120 beautiful succulents for $192.00 or $1.60 each.


I had visions that I would wrap them each in lace, or white tissue paper. HA! I was entirely too busy the week of my wedding to bother. And it looked silly, honestly. So, we wrapped  the tray they came in with leftover bridal ribbon from my bouquet. We asked the venue the place some on fancy trays… and voila.

I loved them. My guests loved them. I still have a couple in my house, happily growing, six months later. 


 I got the succulents from The Succulent Source . This link will save you 10% from your order!

I purchased the sign from Borden Specifics on Etsy. You download and print it yourself.

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