My Wedding Wishes For You

9)A few things I would add if I could re-live my wedding day
1). A vintage Rolls Royce to bring you to and from the church. Classic!
2). 1 Corinthians signs along the path to your venue or down your aisle. Beautiful! I had my eye on these….  but skipped it to save some of our budget: 1 Corinthians Signs
3).  Wedding flags for your ceremony exit. Fun! I came across these a little too late so the order would not arrive in time for my wedding.  Wedding Flags
4).  A spare dress for your mama. (My mom’s dress ripped as we were heading to the church!)
5).  A hand written letter to your parents and to his. Sweet!
6).  A friend to organize portraits after the ceremony. Many family members left before we could take pictures.
7). A cigar bar. But only if you have comfortable seating outside for guests to enjoy them.
8). Pretty gold balloons that spell out “I SURE DO!”  Individual Letter Balloons
9). “Take a Shot and Take your Seat” instead of place cards. Have you seen anyone do this? I think it is so fun! Shot Sign
10). Bug spray available for your outdoor cocktail hour. Put a cute sign out with different spray bottles in a basket. Bug Spray Sign

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